Our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme supports NZIDT members to advance their professional knowledge and skills. The programme offers as a structured approach to learning, with the aim of ensuring the highest standards of professional competence are maintained in practice and service delivery. CPD can involve either formal and structured or informal and self-directed learning. Our CPD programme is run over a four-year cycle, the current being 2014-17.

What is verifiable CPD?

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) can involve either formal and structured or informal and self-directed learning.

‘Verifiable CPD’ is a learning and development programme that’s been approved by the NZIDT.

The organisers of the learning programme or course will generally seek this approval, and provide you with a verification number and a Certificate of Attendance.

Learning and development programme providers, eg dental firms and dental supply companies, advertise their courses as being ‘CPD verified’, however the number of hours should be allocated and confirmed prior to undertaking the course.

Following the learning programme or course, you’ll receive a Certificate of Attendance which contains the CPD number.

Types of verifiable CPD

  • Postgraduate courses leading to a degree, diploma or certificate relevant to dental practice
  • Scientific lectures, seminars and other educational programmes, including the educational components of professional associations, together with conferences and events which are approved CPD providers or accredited educational providers
  • Peer group learning activities provided by approved CPD providers
  • Hands-on educational programmes
  • Interactive peer contact, study groups and similar activities with written aims and a structured programme of activities
  • Learning with verifiable outcomes using audio, video, CD, internet and other similar material.
  • Publication of a scientific paper or similar in a refereed periodical
  • Presentation of a scientific paper, CPD course or similar that has been approved as a verifiable

First Aid requirements

  • Clinical technicians and crown and bridge technicians doing shade taking require level 4 first aid.
  • All other technicians require basic level 1 first aid.


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