Verifiable CPD entitlement

Additional CPD hours are awarded in recognition of the significant commitment made in developing and delivering presentations, publishing articles and/or completing post-graduate study.

The New Zealand Dental Council has determined the maximum number of CPD entitlement hours as follows:

Presenter CPD hours

Presenting on a topic within the context of CPD requires a significant commitment to research and material development. As a result, additional CPD hours are awarded to the presenter.

Presenter CPD hours won’t generally reflect the full time taken to create the presentation, and the hours awarded are scaled according to the number of times a presentation has been delivered.

Ratio of presenter CPD hours

  • 1:3 for new presentation, eg 1hr presentation + 3hrs research time = 4hrs CPD
  • 1:2 for second delivery, eg 1hr presentation + 2hrs research time = 3hrs CPD
  • 1:1 thereafter, eg 1hr presentation + 1hrs research time = 2hrs CPD

Note: This only applies to NZIDT-approved presentations.

Published articles

  • Published articles in a peer-reviewed scientific journal
    • Principal authors can claim up to 10 hours of verifiable CPD. Contributing authors can claim up to four hours for each article
  • Published articles in non-refereed/ peer reviewed technical journals
    • Principal authors can claim up to four hours of verifiable CPD for each article

Post-graduate study

The successful completion of a post-graduate qualification (in a relevant subject area) may be recognised by the New Zealand Dental Council as satisfying the required CPD hours for any given four-year cycle.

To apply for the CPD hours

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