The NZIDT Executive consists of a President and a National Executive Committee of between six and eight members. Our Executive represents long-term expertise and experience in the full range of dental technologies.  Best contact through the Secretariat using this email address

President: Akruti Tataria

My passion and vision for our industry motivates me to take on the role of an NZIDT Member.  I am aware of the continuous developments taking place in dental technology and the way this affects our practise and our patients.  By being on the executive I hope to bring a fresh, contemporary perspective on the issues that surround our field and to work to make the industry the best it can be.  I am a very approachable. outspoken individual who sees this as an opportunity to take the industry forward and make valuable contributions to dental technology in New Zealand.

Immediate Past President: Ryan Carlton

I’m really enjoying my time on the executive, being involved in the day to day decisions that go on behind the scenes does make it worthwhile.  I feel I still have a lot to contribute to our organisation.

There are some potential turbulent times ahead, especially with the recertification process rapidly approaching. I want to be directly involved with this process as it will have a huge affect to us all.

Contact: Ph 03 385 5517

Vice President and Treasurer:  Steve Sharp

Otago grad from 2009, and did full-time clinical in 2011. I’ve worked in the Waikato and Bay of Plenty regions, and have recently moved down to the Wairarapa, where my wife’s family are from. I was rather social at Otago and was on the Dental Student Executive for 2 years.

I am very keen to be on the NZIDT Executive and be a part of moulding where our profession is going to be heading in the next 5 to 10 years. I would like to see us build a much more collegial relationship with our fellow allied dental heath professionals and work together to get the best possible outcomes for our patients, rather than feeling like we are working against one another.

Digital is what everyone is talking about these days, and with the current uncertain climate, I see there being a great opportunity for us to leverage the new digital technologies coupled with our immense wealth of technical and clinical skills to come out of this situation stronger and tougher than we were before.

I look forward to being a part of our bright and exciting future.

Executive member: John Aarts

John Aarts is currently the Bachelor of Dental Technology Convenor and Head of Discipline for the Clinical Dental Technology programme at the University of Otago. John primarily teaches Postgraduate Clinical Dental Technology students, but he is also involved in other programmes as a supervisor for research projects. He started his career working in the industry as a dental technician and then was recruited to teach crown and bridge at the Central Institute of Technology, Wellington. During that time he studied part-time to complete a Bachelor of Education and a Bachelor of Health Sciences. In 2001 he moved to Dunedin to teach in the Bachelor of Dental Technology programme at the University of Otago. His focus changed at that point to complete dentures and clinical dental technology. He completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Dental Technology (2005) and a Master of Health Sciences (2006) which was focused on different occlusions for complete denture patients. John has an extensive research publication list, with over 30 peer-reviewed journal publications spanning numerous topics. John has recently completed a 9-year term on the Dental Council and prior to that, he had served as an executive member of the NZIDT for 7 years. In John’s academic role, he was a member of the Australian Joint Accreditation Committee and still assists the Australian Dental Council with the accreditation of Clinical Dental Technology programmes in Australia.

Executive member: Khaled Bibi

Khaled Bibi is a Clinical Dental Technician, running his private denture clinic and laboratory in his hometown Palmerston North, associate of a long standing boutique dental surgery.

Khaled is very passionate towards all aspects of DT and CDT. He prides himself on work quality, boutique service, personalised patient care and natural customised dentures, along with working very closely with prosthodontists and other dental specialists in full arch rehabilitations using implants.

As a member of the NZIDT executive my aim is to help the progress of our scopes and quality of removable prosthodontics in NZ, along with wanting to keep laboratory work local in NZ.

Recently honoured to be nominated for two new positions with the Otago University Faculty of Dentistry as a member of the Postgraduate CDT advisory group and the Undergraduate DT advisory group representing our NZIDT members and hoping to strengthen the link between the University and our commercial sector.

Contact: Ph 021 031 8476

Executive member: Nicolene Griebelaar

Hi, I am Nicky.  I am a CDT and I qualified  in 2017 from Otago University. My training as a DT ended in 1992  and I have been in the profession since then.  I am currently practicing as a CDT/ DT at Dental Solutions in Ellerslie, Auckland.

I immigrated to NZ in 2007 and started working at Dental Solutions in 2008, from which I am still practicing. My commitment and loyalty to my profession is an attribute I will apply to my role as NZIDT exec member.

Executive member: Gareth McMurdo

I operate a denture clinic/dental laboratory in Queenstown and it brings me great satisfaction to be able to provide this dedicated health service in the Southland and Otago region that I grew up in.

After more than 20 years of lab and clinical experience in both Australia and New Zealand, I am now at a stage in my life where I would like to give back to the industry which has helped my career path over the years.

It is a very exciting and rapidly changing time in the industry and I’m excited to be transitioning into the digital technology field in our lab. I see enormous benefits in this, not just for labs around the country, but also in helping to attract the next generation of technicians into the industry.

I’m keen to contribute to the progression of our industry in any way that I can, to ensure a solid future and the best possible outcomes for the NZIDT and its members.

Executive member: Mustafa Mustafa

I am an Otago graduate, class of 2009. In 2010 I completed my Post grad graduate diploma specialising in Maxillofacial Prosthetics and Implantology. I worked in private practise serving my south Auckland community before joining the Waikato DHB team in 2012. In 2014, I commenced my training and post graduate diploma in Clinical Dental Technology (part time) which was completed in 2016.

During my tenure at Waikato Hospital, I have dealt with a variety of complex cases and learnt to liaise with other members of the Dental and Medical disciplines. This has helped me increase my knowledge base in applying different strategies and methods enabling me to provide the best outcome possible for my patients.

I am very passionate and motivated about all aspects of the industry especially maxillofacial prosthetics and 3D printing technology, which offers tremendous benefits such as time management and aids in predicting & improving the final outcome to our patients via virtual surgical planning tools.

Outside of work I keep a busy lifestyle; I am married, and my wife and I have two young boys who keep us on our toes. We enjoy a variety of activities such as Hiking, walking, both indoor and outdoor swimming, watching movies.  I also enjoy going to the gym, which is part of my daily routine.

I am excited to join the NZIDT executive team.

Executive member: Waverley Nation

I graduated as a technician in 2001 (C.I.T) and as a CDT in 2006 (Otago).  I created Auckland Denture Clinic 8 years ago, and compete at the top level of the New Zealand Rally Championship.

Being a mother, a business owner and running a motorsport team means I appreciate time management, the value of the dollar and how to support key people in their roles for the betterment of all.  I feel these would be complimentary skills to bring to the executive committee to support and assist the existing members of the NZIDT.   I bring no soapbox election promises, no targets or agendas, but will bring a willingness to learn, to question and to work.

Contact Ph 09 625 6202

Executive Member: Brent Norton

My interest is in helping take the Dental Technology industry forward and making our chosen career the best it can be.  My experience in most facets of dental technology and clinical dental technology has given me a well-rounded understanding of the industry.  I consider myself to be someone who can objectively look at all areas of dental technology, and represent them all fairly.

Contact Ph 04 566 0627


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