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With the new recertification regime on our doorstep NZIDT has plans for its members only in these challenging times of covid.  We have a virtual conference 2022 for the year starting early March.  Consisting of many virtual conference sessions with varying topics from various presenters.   Something for everyone and a great deal for our members only.

We are helping our members navigate the new system with these sessions and recertification booklets.

NZIDT is also assisting to match them up with peers for support.

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Tentative topics for our sessions finalising now include:

  1. Cultural Competency and cultural safety for Oral Health in Aotearoa New Zealand.
  2. All on 4 Analogue 3 sessions – 1. Referrals, diagnosis and treatment plan. 2. Surgical procedures, placement and provisional prosthetic placement. 3. Permanent all on 4 – Prosthesis design, manufacture and insertion steps for the definitive denture
  3. All on 4 follow up Digital.
  4. Cultural Competency continued. The next step.
  5. There’s no “I” in Dental Team
  6. Decoding Digital technology for the analogue dental profession. Possibly 3 presentations
  7. 1 or 2 CB presentations

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Session one


Samuel (Hāmiora) Carrington (Te Arawa, Ngāti Whakaue, Ngāti Pikiao) is the Associate Dean Māori and a Lecturer at Te Kaupeka Pūniho Faculty of Dentistry, University of Otago. Samuel is a registered oral health therapist who has experience in the public and private dental sectors in Aotearoa. He is an Executive member of Te Ao Mārama (NZ Māori Dental Association) and an Executive member of the newly formed NZ Oral Health Association Te Ohu Pūniho Ora o Aotearoa. Samuel remains committed to Te Ao Mārama’s vision of hei oranga niho mo te iwi Māori, good oral health for Māori,
for life.

Brief overview

Te kaiakatanga ahurea ki te haumarutanga ahurea mo ngā kaihangarau tiaki niho I Aotearoa –
Cultural competency to cultural safety for dental technicians in New Zealand.

This presentation will discuss the following:
– Te Tiriti o Waitangi and the Treaty of Waitangi
o We will discuss the differences between the two documents signed in 1840, as well
as touch on He Whakaputunga 1835 to gain a broad understanding of Māori prior to
– Whakamaua – Māori Health Action Plan 2020-2025
o We will discuss the Ministry of Health’s Whakamaua document, including how
having more of an equity focus towards health is leading the current health reforms
of Health New Zealand and the Māori Health Authority
– Oral health inequities in Aotearoa today
o Updates on current oral health data facing people in Aotearoa today, what are we
doing right, and what can be done better?
– Cultural competency and cultural safety
o We will discuss the differences between competency and safety and discuss how
clinical and dental technologists can critically think about their own biases when
delivering health care to their patients.
– Equality vs Equity in oral health
o We will discuss the differences between equality and equity, and how equity can
lead to elimination of poor oral health outcomes in Aotearoa for all
– DCNZ Dental technicians’ competencies (including clinical dental technologists)
o We will look at what the new DCNZ competencies for dental technicians and clinical
dental technicians and understand 3a and 3b of the competencies.

Session two, three and four

ALL ON FOUR ANALOGUE  – 3 sessions

Thursday 7 April  7pm
Referrals, diagnosis, treatment planning

Thursday 5 May 7pm
Surgical Procedures, Provisional Prothesis

Thursday 26 May  7pm
Permanent All on 4 Prothesis Design, Manufacture and Insertion Steps

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