Conference 2021 – Treatment Aperture

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Conference at Te Papa Wellington Thursday to Saturday 12-14 August 2021.  We are pleased to be back at Te Papa where there is plenty of room for us and the trade show.

There will be a separate workshop on the Thursday, with sessions on Friday, followed by the AGM.  On Saturday we have further great things planned.  This is not to be missed.

Details of the two Thursday Workshop – optional

Dr Justin Coulson – Full day on the Thursday.  –  Start time 10.30am to 4.30pm. 

Powerful Strategies for Pain-Free Relationships at work (and home) by Dr Justin Coulson

Who you choose to work with (and how you choose to work with them) profoundly affects you in every way: it impacts your income, lifestyle, productivity levels, mental health, and the satisfaction you gain from your work – and even from life. Your client (and staff) relationships are the foundation of your business success.

In other words, your relationships matter.

But relationships can be tricky. Dealing with people in pain, or who live in challenging circumstances, or those who have physical challenges that impede easy communication, makes it even tougher. And working in a health service domain requires a lot of you as you serve and assist those who need your help.

So how do you develop remarkable relationships with the people you work and live with? What’s the secret to the perfect bedside manner, the ideal client service strategy, or the 10/10 staff interaction?

This full-day workshop will provide you with 5 Powerful Strategies for Pain-Free Relationships at work and home. You’ll discover

  • what dating can teach us about customer relationships (without you ever taking a client on a date… that would be inappropriate!)
  • how to work in partnership with your clients so they become your raving fans (and best referrers to grow your business)
  • why you should work overtime to make life easier for those around you, without burning yourself out
  • the simple but overlooked communication strategies that will change your bedside manner in powerful ways, and
  • the most powerful way to build a loyal client base that will keep you employed forever

Join one of Australia’s leading relationships experts, Dr Justin Coulson, for this special workshop, Thursday Aug 12 from 10.30-4.30. Numbers limited.

There will be a cocktail evening at 6.30pm.


Thursday Workshop session see above for further details on this session.

  • Powerful Strategies for Pain-Free Relationships at work (and home)

Friday presentation

  • Happier… Now: Simple strategies to slam stress and lead a more fulfilled life

The importance of wellbeing in the workplace is no longer in question. Anxiety and depression continue to rise. Suicide remains too high on “cause of death” for our society – particularly for men. And those who work in ‘caring’ professions are often at some of the greatest risk.

Hundreds of studies emphasise that we need to be psychologically well to be productive and thrive. Even more reveal the growing incidence and potentially life shattering impact of stress, financial pressure, relationship ruptures, and mental health issues. The question now is “how?”:

  • How do we create an environment where we (and our staff and clients) don’t languish, but flourish?
  • How do we take concepts such as “resilience” and “positive psychology” beyond theory and fad to create a sense of thriving?
  • How do we move past stress and feel happy?
  • When was the last time you felt genuinely vital, fulfilled, and connected?

This presentation will teach you the science behind stress, wellbeing, and how to be happier… now.

Dr Justin Coulson Biography 

Dr Justin Coulson is one of Australia’s leading relationships and wellbeing experts.

Struggling with his own wellbeing and family relationships, Justin returned to full time study in his late twenties where he earned first class honours and a subsequent PhD in Positive Psychology (the psychology of wellbeing) so that he could learn how to be a better husband and father – and a happier human. Now the focus of his life is his helping others flourish, in their families, at work, and in their own hearts and minds.

Justin’s presentations are not the ordinary wellbeing presentations you’re used to hearing. While those ‘basics’ matter, there are simple but powerful strategies everyone in your workplace can implement starting today – without having to wake up early, go for a run, drink green smoothies, and meditate in the lotus position for 20 minutes twice daily. (Of course, they can if they want, but most people struggle with this.)
Justin has written 6 books, and is a four-time bestselling author. He has been an occasional columnist for the New York Times and appears regularly in all of Australia’s major news outlets for television, radio, and print.

He’s a TEDx speaker and has worked with many of Australia’s biggest brands including the Commonwealth Bank, Intel Security, ANZ, IHG, Club Med, NSW Police, TAL, and many, many more. He has also served as a consultant to the Australian Government’s Raising Children Network, Department of Social Services, Human Services, and the Office of the e-Safety Commissioner, Life Education and others.

Justin lives with his wife and six daughters in Brisbane, Queensland.

The new recertification process – What you need to know

The new recertification program presents you with a world of opportunity, but you do need a plan. The new program provides you with the ability to take charge of your own professional development, but there are some additional requirements as a result of this new ability to pick your own learning goals and the elimination of CPD hour counting.   When looking at the guidance you will not be blamed if you give up around page 30.   So, come to this session and let me explain it to you, I will highlight what you need to know and do.

The session on the new recertification process will firstly explain what the new program requirements are, taking you through them step by step.

The second half of the session will be focused on what you need to do as a registered practitioner and provide examples.

The key objectives of the session will be to give you the information you need to know and help you understand how you will develop a learning plan and peer relationship.

 Mr John Aarts – Biography

John Aarts is the Head of Discipline for Clinical Dental Technology at the University of Otago. John’s experience is broad and spans 30 years, previously being on the NZIDT executive for 6 years prior to serving on the Dental Council for the last 7 years. John has also had experience in Australia working as an examiner and accreditation assessor for various Australian regulatory bodies.   This all gives him a very unique perspective of both dental technician and clinical dental technician training and regulation.

John’s strength is obviously in education, but as the training of clinical dental technicians at Otago is done on real patients he is never far away from the patient issues that we all face as practitioners. John is also an active researcher with over 20 peer reviewed published articles.

Clinical Concepts of Advanced Removable Partial Denture Design

Associate Professor Vincent Bennani

The number of partially dentate adults is increasing, and many patients will require replacement of missing teeth. Although current treatment options also include fixed partial dentures and implants, removable partial dentures (RPD) have several advantages and are widely used in clinical practice. There is an unlimited RPD design options and designing an RPD remains one of the more challenging aspects of Dental practice.

The aim of this presentation is to describe a systematic approach to RPD design, using a number of fundamental concepts providing a rational basis upon which decisions may be made. An understanding of these concepts enhances the potential to select materials, techniques and designs which meet functional and aesthetic demands.

This presentation discusses a variety of clinical situations and will be beneficial to both the Clinical Dental Technician and the Dental Technician.

Dr Vincent Bennani – Biography:

Prosthodontic Specialist – DDS, Cert AdvPros, Cert AdvImp, Research Doctorate

Vincent is an Associate Professor in the Department of Oral Rehabilitation at the University of Otago, and the course coordinator of the Master in Dentistry with endorsement in Aesthetic dentistry.

Vincent graduated as a general dentist from the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne (France) in 1988 (DDS), and then completed his postgraduate study in prosthodontics at Tufts University, Boston, USA in 1992 (Cert AdvPros) before returning to France to complete a postgraduate programme in implantology at Bordeaux University in 1999 (Cert AdvImp) followed by a Research Doctorate at the University of Nice in 2001.

For over 28 years, Vincent has been practising as a prosthodontist specialist, either in his private practice in the south of France (1993-2006) or at the University of Otago since 2006.

Vincent has lectured nationally and internationally on prosthodontics, implantology biomaterials and aesthetics. Vincent is actively involved in several collaborative research projects at the University of Otago and overseas. Vincent has authored and co-authored several books on prosthodontics and implantology, has published extensively in peer-reviewed international journals, and serves as a reviewer for various internationals professional journals.

Vincent is the assistant editor of the New Zealand Dental Journal and a member of several international professional organisations, including the New Zealand Association of Prosthodontist and Restorative Dentists, the New Zealand Dental Association, and the Academy of Australian and New Zealand Prosthodontics.

How do we find answers to the everyday problems in dentistry?

In her presentation, Joanne will go over the current research that her team and students are currently working on at the Faculty of Dentistry, to tackle issues that we face in dental technology and clinical dentistry. For example, how we are working on to find the best manufacturing methods for denture and splint materials and how we can predict the lifetime of conventional and 3D printed CoCr material for RPDs. Other projects involve measuring pressure under different designs of implant overdentures, finding the best ways to reinforce the dentures, providing the best bonding scenario for ceramic crowns and measuring aerosol generation in dental practices. Joanne’s talk will cover a range of current research topics that may be relevant to the dental technicians and clinical dental technicians.

Dr Joanne Choi (B.DentTech, PGdipCDTech, PhD (Otago)) Biography:

Dr Choi is a Senior lecturer in Dental Technology at the Faculty of Dentistry University of Otago.   She is currently teaching Bachelor of Dental Technology and Postgraduate Clinical Dental Technology students at the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Otago.  Dr Choi is an active researcher in the Biomechanics and Oral Implantology and Craniofacial Biology Programmes of the Sir John Walsh Research Institute at the Faculty of Dentistry, where she undertakes innovative, translational research, combining material science and dentistry that will reduce inequality in dental health and solve issues that we face in dentistry.   Joanne supervises research students at undergraduate and postgraduate level for a wide range of dental materials and dental technology research topics.

Effective Communication and Patient Management

Brent will discuss the importance of effective communication and Patient Management.  This is one of the most important parts of our duty of care of our clients.


Brent Norton is a Clinical Dental Technologist from Lower Hutt, Wellington.  He started working as a dental technician in the army in 1992 and qualified from The Central Institute of Technology in 1996.  In 1999 he went on to study the postgraduate diploma course for clinical dental technology at Otago University.  After leaving the army in 2002 he opened his clinical dental laboratory and has employed clinical and non-clinical dental technicians in that time.  Brent’s interest is in helping to take the dental technology industry forward and making our chosen careers the best they can be.  Brent’s experience in most facets of dental technology and clinical dental technology has given him a well-rounded understanding of the industry.  I consider myself to be someone who can objectively look at all areas of dental technology and represent them all fairly.

Brent is the outgoing president of NZIDT having served the normal two-year term.

The Friday session : Digital Concepts for Denture Designs

Significant technological progress has been made towards creating a digital platform for removable prosthodontics that are of a very high standard, accurate and predictable.

Following on from last year’s presentation I will cover all aspects of digital removable prosthodontics. Unlocking the potential of current design software provides more options, thereby improving the efficiency of both your clinical practice and laboratory processes.  Production and design videos of every step in the manufacturing process will be shown.

The Saturday session : Is this going to sink the ship ? Cost Analysis of Digital Dentures

Indepth analysis of setting up your digital practice / laboratory. A case study will be shown to highlight the costs involved at each step.

Mr Mauritz Slabbert – Biography:

Mauritz Slabbert is the owner of Procast Dental Laboratory in Silverdale, Auckland.  He qualified as a Dental Technician at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology during 1994.  He started his career in Cape Town and has been practising as a Dental Technician for the past 27 years. After migrating to New Zealand in the late nineties he completed the New Zealand Dental Technology Registration Examination at the University of Otago.

Mauritz established his laboratory in 2005, focusing on implant restorations and removable prosthodontics. The Digital journey started in 1998 with scanning and designing Procera restorations and he continues incorporating digital technology in his laboratory. The latest technology to join the team are the Pm7 Milling machine, 3shape E3 scanner, and Asiga Max printer.

Mauritz is a tutor and presenter on Digital Design of Removable Prosthodontics and is actively involved with implant study groups.

When not at work, he is a keen kite surfer and enters crazy running events like the 102km Tarawera Ultra Marathon.

Chief Executive, Dental Council


This presentation will provide an overview on the key requirements of the new recertification programme for oral health practitioners, that starts on 1 October 2021 (dentists/dental specialists) and 1 April 2022 (oral health therapists, dental hygienists, dental therapists, orthodontic auxiliaries, dental technicians and clinical dental technicians).

The programme will be a significant departure from previous recertification programmes which have required a quota of continuing professional development hours and peer interactions over three or four-year cycles.

The new programme does not specify a quota of hours of activities or interactions. It is designed to be flexible so practitioners can plan their professional development needs to suit their scope of practice and adapt their learning activities as required.

Weta Workshop

Presentation – Weta Workshop will be speaking about Jeff, our animatronic installation at the Weta Unleashed experience in Auckland. This one character has gone through every department (3D, Props, Prosthetics, Molds, Animatronics, Paint, Hair) in the manufacturing pipeline.  We will talk about the journey of Jeff from the inception of the idea to the installation.


Joseph Sherman-Mendez is the 3D print lead at Weta Workshop.  Joseph is experienced in running a wide variety of printers and programs to achieve the best possible outcome across multiple departments across Weta Workshop.

Kathryn Parr has been working at Weta Workshop in the 3D Department since graduating from Victoria University in 2019 with a Bachelors in Industrial Design. She has primarily worked on 3D Mold Making and looks after 3D Scanning.

Cameron May is an creative engineer specialising in computational design, mechanical engineering and behavioural systems. Cameron is part of the Animatronics department at Weta Workshop, the team responsible for the mechanical design of Jeff. Jeff is an animatronic creature who is the security guard at Weta Workshop Unleashed, out fantastical film effects experience in Auckland.

Tor Robinson is a 3D artist with a Master’s Degree in Design Innovation from Victoria University of Wellington. Tor’s thesis focused on how Colour 3D/4D Printing can be used for the film industry.

Not to be missed.  Weta Workshop do not do this for just anyone!

Pre dinner drink and dinner at the Banquet Room Parliament

Entry strictly by name tag, dinner ticket and list check.

Strictly named checked and identification entry only for those on the list.  Pre dinner drink from 7.15pm at Parliament.  You can catch the double decker bus from Te Papa and The Oaks accommodation.   See the map in the programme for details of pick up place at Te Papa bus stop.  Two buses will loop for three pick ups from 6.45pm.

Dinner starts at 8pm and includes a hypnotist and the band Whiskey at Midnight.  Enjoy!

The buses return from 10.30pm to return you to the pick up point.  Last bus will be announced.


QT Wellington

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Surprise yourself at QT Wellington, a significant fusion of expressive and luxurious art, technology and indulgence. Loosely based in the new creative capital of the South, QT Wellington is a warm invitation to explore and define one of New Zealand’s most eclectic collections of art and character. This is the ideal hub for cultural connoisseurs from around the world, framed in designer opulence and showcased at a gallery opening that never closed. We’re eager to see what you will bring.

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The Oaks Wellington.  Please ensure you book for the Wellington venue for conference (or other if you are travelling to other destinations.)

We have also loaded 15% off Best Flexible Rates valid from now till 31 December 2021.  This is for The Oaks accommodation in New Zealand and Australia.  A special deal for NZIDT members only.

Travellers can book by using the promo code: NZIDT on our website


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Things to do in Wellington

Hammonds run a few different tours that can be either within Wellington (all the main hot spots) or they also run a wine tour which takes groups over to the Wairarapa – in addition to these, I have listed below some other partner programme ideas that may be interesting and have included price where known;

Hammonds tours  – a range of tour options available

Hammonds wine tour – you may need to have a shortened tour to suit your times below – priced from $235 per head

Wellington City & Coastline Tour – priced from $59 per head

Zest Food Tours – a range of tour options that offer a time and theme options – priced from $205

Boomrock – a range of options from claybird shooting to cooking challenges. A stunning location with wonderful food and atmosphere – various prices dependant on what you wish to do

Wine Education Class Noble Rot –  $70 per head

Te Papa guided tours – a range of tours available, priced from $20 per head

Zealandia – priced from $55 per head

He Tohu Tour – Free of chargeWeta Studio Tours – Dependant on tour

Parliament Tours – free of charge (you could then follow with lunch at Bellamy’s which is located in Parliament and run by Logan Brown)

Wellington Zoo Close Encounters – range of options, priced from $99 per head
Cable Car – priced from $9 per head return


We would like to sincerely thank the following businesses for their support.  Without their assistance our conferences would not be what they are.