NZIDT Auckland Conference 2015


Dates: 16th & 17th of October 2015
Sorrento in the Park, Auckland


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The Conference

Winds of Change……..Positive ones

Well another conference has come to an end and no doubt you have all settled back in to work and are getting ready for the annual influx of work that the run up to Christmas brings.

The Auckland Conference did indeed bring the change it promised with a changing of the guard if you like, with the introduction of several new enthusiastic Executive members and the farewelling of some much loved executives that have served many years and in many roles, including President of our Association.

The conference welcomed Mr Olivier Tric,, the world renowned French ceramist, who showed a true love for the art of Crown and Bridge, sharing and teaching his methods and passion . Those of you who missed out on his pre conference workshop this time will be glad to know that Olivier is keen to return to New Zealand and do more “hands-on “ workshops.

Chris Kelley from Australia promised all a good night sleep with his snore guard technology and proved to be a hit on the social scene as did Mr Christiaan Claassens who inspired us to “do a little better…try a little harder”…few will forget the experiment with the red and blue dots on the wall…we can all aspire to greatness.

Hyall Coraj kept us in the loop regarding the latest in Locator abutment solutions , while John Pearson’s practical approach to immediate dentures and partials were informative and thought provoking and our local industry speakers, john Batchelor, Mauritz Slabbert and Mike Williams informed, amused and entertained us.

We would like to thank all of our fantastic contributors, sponsors and speakers…everyone seemed to have enjoyed the lecture programme.

Our Thursday night cocktail party was indeed a star filled night and we all sat enthralled by our special guest speaker, Nasa scientist, Mr Steve Pointing,

Guests were treated to the Stardome experience watching the show “the Astronaut”, while enjoying fantastic Soho wines and delicious food thanks to Urban Soul.

Our Friday night Red Carpet Ready soiree was a fantastic night and truly felt like a little Hollywood right here in Auckland.

Sauntering up the red carpet one couldn’t help but be swept away with the frivolityand glamour and it showed, as many danced the night away to the band The Tall Poppies and snapped away in the Just Pose photo booth!

Olivier Tric

Olivier Tric

The Master is in the Details – Parts one and two

Olivier Tric began his studies in France at the College of Leonardo De Vinci and the University of Pharo while concurrently pursuing an apprenticeship in Dental Technology. After a 5 year apprenticeship, he launched a 15+ year career devoted to a thorough understanding of the principles of Dental Aesthetics and the mastery of specialized techniques in Dental Laboratory Technology. His specialties include
all facets of porcelain restorations on both natural teeth and osseointegrated implants. He is recognized by his peers as a pioneer in the industry by developing new and unique methodologies that are taught worldwide.

He is widely published on the topic of ceramic layering techniques and aesthetic dentistry in industry journals such as Dental Dialogue, Practical Procedures & Aesthetic Dentistry and Quintessence Dental Technology. He also serves on the Editorial Board for Spectrum Dialogue, and Teamwork Magazine. His professional affiliations include Design Technique International (DTI), Oral Design International Foundation, and others. Mr. Tric is a highly respected lecturer and educator, teaching hands-on courses to dentists and technicians throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. He is regularly consulted by leading Dental Manufacturers and Laboratories for input on new product development. He currently operates Olivier Tric Dental Laboratory and Educational Center in the Chicago suburb of Elmhurst, Illinois.

Chris Kelly

Chris Kelly

Christopher Kelly graduated from TAFE in 1985. ODL, (Orthoplant Dental Laboratory) was founded by Christopher in 1989. Orthodontic appliance construction and theory was always a passion for Chris, and with over 26 years’ experience with removable orthodontic appliances, Chris has provided thoughtful discussion on the right kind of appliances for his (dentist) clients patients.Chris became a dental Prosthetist in 1998 and since then such he regularly assists his clients- both dentists and patients with various kinds of cases. Full dentures, partial dentures and implant retained dentures are services Chris enjoys offering to patients.

Sleep medicine, and oral appliances have become an area of great interest and passion for Chris, and ODL Sleep Services was formed to represent that passion since 2006. For the last 9 years Chris has been offering oral appliance services as a lab to dentists. More recently ODL Sleep Services has been able to offer clinical support services to dental clinics, and direct support to patients that require CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) therapy for Obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA).

Sleep 2008 and 2010, in Baltimore and San Antonio in the USA, saw Chris demonstrate the FDA Cleared medical device (oral appliance), with keen interest from dentists and RSPGT (sleep technicians).  Chris completed the Fundamentals of sleep medicine course held at Sydney University in 2012. This week long intense course is an in-depth journey into the field of sleep medicine.

Chris has participated in presentations on the subject of OSA and Sleep medicine from a dental perspective as well as from a durable medical equipment provider (DME provider) point of view. Chris has delivered presentations to small groups of dentists, and groups of clinical dental technicians in New Zealand, as well as dental prosthetists in Australia over the last couple of years.  Dentists have enjoyed personal assistance with their patients for oral appliances across Australia in most states on a case by case basis over the last year from Chris.  DME provision is an emerging cross over area that dental prosthetists can become involved in; the combination of scope for oral appliance record taking and construction, plus efficiency follow up screening for oral appliances, and further to this, the provision of DME equipment to patients (CPAP).  Chris enjoys providing a comprehensive service to patients who need therapy for OSA and enjoys functional relationships with referring dentists and specialists.

John Pearson [Prosthedontist]

John Pearson


After graduating from the University of Queensland, he moved to Melbourne to take a position as an assistant in Private General Practice. He then moved to London and continued in Private Practice.  When he returned to Melbourne he joined a Private General Practice until entering the University of Melbourne to pursue post graduate studies in Prosthetic Dentistry.  He graduated M.D.Sc. in 1986 and then proceeded to enter Specialist Private Practice which he has operated until this day.  During this period he has held positions as clinical demonstrator for undergraduate and graduate students at the Universities of Melbourne and Sydney. He has been involved as an examiner for the Australian Dental Council in Prosthetic Dentistry.  He is past President of the Australian Prosthodontic Society (Vic Branch), and past Editor of the Australian Prosthodontic Society Newsletter. He is a member of the Australian and New Zealand Academy of Prosthetic Dentistry, the International College of Prosthetic Dentistry and other specialist societies within dentistry. He has been on the Australian Dental Association (Vic Branch) Executive, and on numerous committees within the ADA.  He is currently in Private Specialist Practice in Glen Iris Victoria with a special interest in Removable and Implant related Prosthodontics.

Christiaan Claassens

Christiaan Claassens

Christiaan has over 30 years experience within the dental profession and has been a practicing dental Prosthetist since 1988. Christiaan has worked in-group dental practices, public sector hospitals and in private practice. He has gained valuable experiences in all sectors of the profession. Christiaan has held many positions on various boards including Chief Examiner for the DTRB (NSW), President of ADPA (NSW), obtained his Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training in 2002, and is currently on the ADPA Limited Education Committee.  Christiaan is passionate about education but more importantly the sharing of experiences amongst colleagues as a means of developing the profession and the relationships along the way that will develop a team approach to the delivery of exceptional customer care.

Andrew Tawse-Smith

Andrew Tawse-Smith

Dr Tawse-Smith obtained his DDS at the Colombian School of Dentistry (COC) in 1986. He continued his specialist education in Periodontology at Gothenburg University in 1992.  He has worked in both private specialist practice and universities for more than 20 years during which he was a former dean at COC. He is the scientific director of the Journal Odontologico Colegial, a referee for the Cochrane Oral health Review Group and the Scientific Journal SOBRAPE (Sociedad Brasilera de Periodoncia). He is also a member of the Editorial Committee Scientific Journal “Clinica e Pesquisa em Odontologia (CLIPE)-UNITAU (Universidad de Taubate) Brazil”.

Dr Tawse-Smith has multiple publications in the theme of oral implantology focusing on the biological complications and maintenance issues. He is a member of the Oral Implantology Research Group at Sir John Walsh Research Institute, Faculty of Dentistry, University of Otago, New Zealand.

Michael Williams

Mike Williams 2


Mike trained as a dental technician in Sheffield, England and qualified as a DT in 1985. He came to NZ in 1988 and worked at Wellington Hospital’s Dental Department for 5 years where he mainly worked in removable prosthetics including the provision of artificial eyes. He’d always had an interest in maxillofacial prosthetics and in 1992 gained a QE2 Technicians Study Award through the NZ Ministry of Education.  This enabled Mike to go the UK for 1 year and attend Manchester Metropolitan University to gain a higher qualification, The B/TEC HNC in Maxillofacial Prosthetics and Technology and also work experience in some of the UK’s most highly regarded Maxillofacial Units.

Prior to leaving to go to the UK, In November of 1993 he moved to Hamilton to take up the role of Maxillofacial Technician at the Maxillofacial Department at Waikato Hospital. He attended MMU from Sept 1994- end August 1995 and graduated as top student on the HNC programme. He has been at Waikato Hospitals’ Maxillofacial unit since returning and is an integral member of the department’s maxillofacial surgical team for orthognathic surgical planning and craniofacial osseointegrated prosthetic rehabilitation and BAHA provision.  He is also a Registered CDT, having completed the first training course for the Advanced Certificate in Clinical Dental Technology organized by CIT through their Auckland campus, graduating in 2000 with Distinction.  He was also a CDT representative on the Dental Technician’s Board from 2008-2010.
He is a member of The  Institute of Maxillofacial Prosthetists and Technologists (UK) and The International Anaplastology Association (USA).

Hyll Coraj

Hyll Coraj

Hyll Coraj is the Managing Director of Pacific Dental Specialties, which has offices in New Zealand and Australia.  After completing his BSc, Hyll began his career as a digital imaging product manager for scientific microscopes, a role which involved extensive professional development and training in Germany, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

Hyll then took this valuable experience in imaging software and on-site training to the dental industry, where he worked for Nobel Biocare as their NobelGuide product specialist.  In 2009 he became a partner at Pacific Dental Specialties and established their New Zealand office. Six years later, PDS has become a well known name in the Australasian laboratory industry, providing specialist products and invaluable support.

Pacific Dental Specialties is the direct distributor of Zest Anchors, and Hyll will be talking on the new locator abutment, which is due to be released next year.

John Batchelor

John Batchelor-speaker

John has been involved in dental technology for over 30 years, beginning at Ken Prior’s Dental Laboratory in Wellington, followed by periods in Nelson and at Otago Dental School overseeing the Hospital Dental Laboratory. John has a clinical focus, specifically in the areas of orthodontics and prosthetics.

Mediation Review and the Art of the Second Opinion

After discussions held at your AGM which concluded that the present mediation service was not working to its full potential, and the service should have a primary benefit for our members while protecting the public, your executive decided and has carried out a  review of our service and its process with this mandate in mind. The second opinion and the art of the second opinion is often crucial to a successful outcome for our members and a complainant. This talk will outline the changes to our mediation service and how it will now work towards more positive outcomes. It will also cover the importance of the second opinion.

Mauritz Slabbert

Mauritz Slabbert

Mauritz Slabbert is the owner of ProCast Dental Laboratory in Albany. He studied for four years at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, and qualified as a Dental Technician during the nineties. In addition to his National and Higher Diploma, Mauritz continued his learning with an internship and advanced training courses.

Mauritz practiced in Cape Town before immigrating to New Zealand in 1997.  He sat for his New Zealand Dental Technology Registration Examination in Dunedin during 1998 and moved to Auckland. Here he worked under two outstanding mentors for a number of years before establishing his own laboratory in 2005.

ProCast Dental Laboratory specialises in implant denture restorations, chrome cobalt metal partial dentures, and denture work.
Mauritz is interested in new developments and has recently attended the 2015 International Dental Show in Cologne as well as a number of dental suppliers in Europe.

Steve Pointing

steve pointing

Steve Pointing earned degrees in biochemistry and microbiology in the UK. He won the prestigious Sainsbury Scholarship for postgraduate environmental research at the Bermuda Ocean Institute, and was awarded a PhD in marine microbiology in 1995.  He spent much of his early career at The University of Hong Kong, where he built a large research group that conducted collaborative research with the US space agency NASA.  In 2013 he moved to New Zealand to set up and lead the Institute for Applied Ecology New Zealand at AUT University. His research interests are broad and include astrobiology (the search for traces of microbial life on other planets), desert microbiology (the role of microbial feedbacks in desertification) and more recently aerobiology (the distribution and activity of microbes in the atmosphere). Steve has published extensively in the world’s leading scientific journals and is also a very active science commentator in the NZ media.


Olivier Tric: Workshop

Olivier believes porcelain veneers are the best restorative solution for approaching the beauty of nature. He will be demonstrating and describing in detail his entire technique for those restorations, from the preparation of the cast to the etching of the ceramic. Every high end restoration begins with quality model work, and the alveolar model is the support of choice when creating refractory porcelain veneers in our laboratory. Olivier will then be showcasing his techniques for both porcelain veneers and non-invasive veneers.

Special focus will be placed on the non-invasive veneer as it can be technically more sensitive, yet can truly change a patients smile both in aesthetic and function with minimal to no tooth preparation. This will be an intensive and rich day, covering all the key steps in the fabrication process of the porcelain veneers, while also encouraging the attendees to ask questions throughout the day to facilitate discussion and exchange. Everyone will have a chance to provide insight and their own experiences, and Olivier will be providing tips and tricks to solve any situation you may encounter in your own laboratory.

The following steps will be covered:
The thermal treatment of refractory dies to insure high precision and maximum hardness of the material Techniques to mask dark substrates without compromising aesthetic Using the colour of the preparation to your advantage Layering techniques to control your colour and mimic the subtleties of nature Creating internal effects to create depth and enhance the dynamic of the porcelain Contouring and texturing to match natural dentition, and to create illusion of different shape and size of teeth to add harmony to the smile Glazing and mechanical polishing to achieve perfect lustre Etching techniques to encourage a stronger bond and clinical longevity

Chris Kelly: Workshop

Workshop on Oral Appliance therapy for OSA and oral appliances – DME provision from the dental perspective

Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA) is still a largely undiagnosed issue (80 %^) which affects a decent percentage of the adult population.

Therapies for OSA are in the main divided into two groups, depending on severity of the disease and tolerance of the patient.

Mild to moderate OSA can use oral appliance therapy (OAT) TO HOLD THEIR AIRWAY OPEN AT NIGHT (MOUTH SPLINT THERAPY)


As this field matures, education is the key to staying relevant ; even for the manufacture of devices.The dental team has a critical role to play in the field as OSA has A LOT to do with the same physiology that the dental teams looks at every day. The opportunities now available to help patients can become a new vocation for professionals looking for a challenging role that is a close cousin to their core clinical task set.

What you will learn:

  • The functions of the different member of the sleep medicine dental team
  • The clinical pathway
  • The extended pathways for a differential diagnostic requirement
  • The basic definitions within sleep medicine, with a focus on the area of Obstructive sleep apnoea.
  • The “tools of trade” used to identify and screen patients will be revealed and discussed.
  • Medico legal issues.
  • Paperwork – all the relevant paperwork will be shown and explained.
  • DME providers- who are they and what do they do? CPAP and the options explained.
  • Oral appliance designs explained and critiqued
  • The freedom MRD; an advanced and comprehensive Mandibular repositioning device (MRD), will be explained in detail- Chris Kelly is the inventor of the Freedom MRD.
  • Construction of the Freedom MRD will be demonstrated using Elastomer and the IVOBASE SYSTEM.
  • The Freedom MRD CAD will be revealed- “a revolutionary and future secure approach.”

Steve Pointing: Life in the universe

Steve’s research pioneered the use of molecular techniques to understand how simple microbes cling to life in extreme environments such as the icy deserts of Antarctica, boiling geothermal pools and lakes that are ten times more salty than the ocean. This led to interest from NASA astrobiologists, those who seek to understand if life could exist beyond Earth, since the harsh conditions mimic those encountered on the surface of other planets. Steve has led an astrobiology research team collaborating with NASA for over a decade, and broadened his interests to consider the human impacts of discovering life on other planets. This includes effects on human physiology, evolution, society ? and even oral health!


Olivier Tric: The Master is in the Details – Part 1

Is a two part lecture which displays Olivier’s philosophy, methodology, and passion: that whatever one commits to, one must do so fully to achieve a successful outcome. He will be exposing his clinical experience to the audience through his photography which he has collected throughout the years as a dental technologist. Working closely alongside some exceptional dentists and Prosthodontist, he has had the privilege to study dentistry in depth and bring forth creative solutions to the problems of aesthetic and function. Thus he will have a variety of case studies to review and discuss how he achieves such results. This will be a comprehensive lecture, covering various topics such as the importance of soft tissue, material selection, case analysis and planning, ceramic layering, framework design, and patient communication, among others. We trust that the attendees will leave inspired and committed on another scale in their own professional endeavours.

John Pearson: Design a Partial Denture in Fiver Easy Steps

Designing a partial denture has to be both biologically and technically sound. In order to achieve this, the technical and biological aspects have to be interconnected. Often overlooked is the necessity for preplanning particularly setting the mouth up for receiving a partial denture. This presentation will highlight the biological aspects of partial denture wearing and function as well as looking at the design aspects associated with acrylic and metal based removable partial dentures.

John Batchelor: Mediation and the art of the second opinion

After discussions held at your AGM which concluded that  the present mediation service was not working to its full potential, and the service should have a primary benefit for our members while protecting the public your executive decided and has carried out a  review of our service and its process with this mandate in mind. The second opinion and the art of the second opinion is often crucial to a successful outcome for our members and a complainant. This talk will outline the changes to our mediation service and how it will now work towards more positive outcomes. It will also cover the importance of the second opinion

Mauritz Slabbert: A Snap Shot of Chrome

The Topic I will talk about is Co-Cr removable partial dentures. A brief history of the materials used and how it developed over the years. I will also talk about the factors influencing the Co-Cr removable partial denture industry in New Zealand and how it will shape and change the future. The most exciting part of any talk is always about new and developing technologies and how the world of removable metal partial dentures will change in the future. The new technologies that was launched and displayed at the International Dental Show in Cologne will be presented.

Mike Williams: A Snap Shot of Maxilllofacial

An overview of the scope as provided at Waikato Hospital.

Maxillofacial prosthetics is a restricted scope of practice that DT’s and CDTs can provide services under providing that they have had suitable training and experience in. Waikato hospital’s Maxillofacial unit is the premier Maxillofacial unit in NZ with the only Maxillofacial micro vascular surgical service in NZ for the treatment of head and neck oncology, pathology & trauma. Mike and his colleague, Mr Mustafa Mustafa (regd DT) are fortunate to be able to provide technical and clinical support to the surgeons in this unit and the other medical specialties within the head and neck specialty surgery directorate at Waikato hospital. This brief presentation will describe the services that we as maxillofacial technicians presently offer and some of the clinical and technical techniques used will also be discussed. He will also talk about the future directions and services being increasingly utilised within this unit.

Andrew Tause Smith: Oral Implant Maintenance – Start From Scratch

Synopsis of presentation

The paradigm shift to using oral implants to restore missing teeth has been supported by the evidence-based literature. Once placed, dental implants require tailored peri-implant maintenance protocols to ensure long-term successful outcomes. Recent publications have reported an increasing incidence of peri-implant diseases, which highlights the importance of early diagnosis and intervention in order to maintain the health of the peri-implant tissues. Although several treatment options have been promoted, there is still lack of clear evidence-based guidelines to aid clinicians in their treatment decision to manage biological complications. This presentation will review the diagnosis of peri-implant diseases, discuss current therapeutic strategies for dealing with biological implant complications and evaluate the effects of peri-implant disease treatment and physiologic loading on the stability of the implant surface.

Chris Kelly: Defining the science of diagnosis for Obstructive Sleep Apnoea/ Therapies that apply from a dental perspective.

An explanation of the signals used to assess sleep in a polysomnogram. The two main types of OSA patients identified. .. and the therapies that apply to them.
Learn about the types of treatment options in terms of appliances that dental technicians can provide to dental clinical staff for those patients.

Attendees will learn the basics of the glossary of sleep diagnostic terminology and develop and understanding of the types of oral appliances used in therapy for Obstructive Sleep disorders

John Pearson: Immediate Dentures – The third Set of Teeth

The immediate denture is a restoration which is used when the natural dentition has failed completely and patients do not always want or need implant related restorations. However the restoration with immediate dentures is not always straight forward. The clinical aspects of providing immediate dentures will be discussed as well as the result on the oral tissues of removing teeth. This will give an understanding of the positioning of teeth on the prostheses and the need for regular maintenance. 


Olivier Tric: The Master is in the details – Part 2

Christiaan Claassans: Maximising the Customer Experience:

Who is your customer? Providing excellent customer service will surely boost customer satisfaction and sales. When customers purchase a product or service, they often remember the interaction they had with the people well beyond the service or product itself.

The dental landscape is changing and your customer¹s are driving the success of your business in more ways than you can imagine. Go beyond excellent customer service; create an exceptional customer experience.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Better understand your customer
  2. Tailor your service to meet their needs and expectations
  3. Understanding your point of difference
  4. Value Adding

Hyall Coraj: An introduction to the next generation Locator abutment due to be released in 2016.

Be one of the first in Australasia to learn about this new product and discover the benefits and features

Student – Research

The student of the winning research will present it at the conference.


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